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Thermography test

Thermography test used in electrical equipment.With use of this test we can easily examined Cables Switchgear,Cable joint loose contact.

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Earth pit resistance test

Earth pit playing main role in electrical network.We want to maintain good earth value to reduce electrical accidents.

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Load Imbalance test

This is most common issue in every industry.Cable overheating as well as unwanted tripping in electrical network.

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Power loss analysis

Nowadays this is very common problem in industries. It will happened because of lost reasons.We are best in find root cause of power loss. We will find and give best solution for power loss problem.

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Network analysis

This is combo test.In network analysis we are doing following test's,
1.Power quality analysis
2. Thermography test
3. Eath pit resistance test
5. Load Imbalance test

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Online meter calibration

We are specialist in Online energy meter calibration.Today more clients facing problem in wrong readings.With use of this we can find percentage of error in energy meter without any shutdown.

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We carry out electrical inspection and
testing on all types of installations

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